Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

Archive for April, 2016

Killing Jesus (movie) and ThereYouAreJesus (.com)

What do the movie “Killing Jesus” and the website “” have in common?  They both show evidence of Jesus in the same way:  signs and coincidences. During most of the movie Jesus is alive here on earth, so evidence of his miracles were plain to see for all who were around him.  However, there is… Read More ›

Easter’s Surprise Communication from Heaven

While writing the post last week about every major event during Easter’s Holy Week, a new piece of circumstantial evidence was born.  Let me explain: The following picture is an example of what people see when they visit And this is an example of what the website looks like from the back-end, which is… Read More ›

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