Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

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Ever wonder what kind of reactions I get in response to the evidence I publish about two-way communications with loved ones in heaven?  It’s quite a wide range, from good to bad.  And I’m going to show you examples of both.

One source of feedback is from an independent company that tracks and reports website traffic from around the globe.  The company is called Google Analytics and they provide an amazing amount of information about how visitors find, and use, websites.

For example, here is an analytics report on the countries where people live that are reading  You can click on the images below to enlarge them into a new tab.

In addition to this list that updates daily, they also provide a world map to highlight those countries.


Having a lot of evidence for people to see is great!  But letting people know it exists is challenging.  Just recently, I started running an advertisement about this evidence on the social media platform  The following two images show reactions of people who found the evidence.  Again, you can click to enlarge.


But not everyone is pleased to learn about my evidence.  Take this next one for example.  I had responded to an advertisement that poses the question, “What if you were visited by Jesus Christ?”  And since I was, I commented “It happened to me” and gave my website.

By the way, if you are unaware of this, you can read details of what I saw by clicking here.  It will open in a new tab for easy access later.

Well check out this response to my comment.  Directly below is the ad I responded to.  Below the ad is where my comment is.  Below my comment is where someone expresses their dislike for what I do.

John Levay It happened to me. Details are on the website I created as a result of my encounter with Jesus Christ. My site is
Ken Bowe A SCAM !!!!!!!
John Levay I’m sorry you feel that way Ken. Every word I write on that site truly is the God’s honest truth. I’m curious, why do you feel it’s a scam?
Ken Bowe You are a salesman and a manipulator who ultimately out to feather your own nest ! Seen dozens like you. Very transparent to me !
John Levay I don’t sell anything. At all. I just post evidence of communication with God for all to see. Plain and simple.
Ken Bowe You sell. Let’s be honest ! I default to my previous point
John Levay You obviously have not gone to my website. Do a little research before criticizing,
Ken Bowe The point being that someone might need you “to communicate with god”. Raw arrogance !
John Levay Nobody needs me to have two-way communication with God. They can do it themselves. The whole purpose of my site is to provide examples of how I do it so they can learn the language. I am no different from them. And I don’t charge a penny for the examples I offer.
Ken Bowe When one looks at the size and scope of the cosmos, the millions who did and do live in agony, the injustice in their death and suffering (now and in the past), as well as what we have learned in the last 800 years that refutes biblical non scientific explanations . . . .you want someone of sound mind to believe YOU talk to god ! Again, one must point to arrogance, mental illness or just plain stupidity. Perhaps all three !
John Levay I will respect your opinion Ken, even though it is uninformed and negatively-preconceived.
And there you have it – a variety of reactions to the evidence I provide here on

I knew when I began publishing evidence of two-way communications with God and other loved ones in heaven that I would receive all kinds of responses, including some with vitriol.  But sharing God’s evidence with non-believers is just as important as sharing God’s evidence with believers.

This process can help non-believers eventually discover Jesus Christ, and help believers discover that a language between heaven and earth exists in the form of coincidences.  This in turn will provide relief and exhilaration to our loved ones in heaven by re-establishing communication with their loved ones who are still here on earth.

To begin recognizing and understanding the messages conveyed in coincidences, you have to literally take the coincidence out of its “original context” and look at its “coincidental context.” For a great example on what I mean, read this piece of evidence when you finish here.

The combination of unrelated events becomes a coincidence when the combination conveys dual meanings.  Those dual meanings are (1) the original context and (2) the coincidental context.  Focusing on the “coincidental” context is the key to discovering the message that was sent to you from heaven.

The timing and relevance (to current issues in your life) of the coincidental context delivers the message, and repetition will eventually convince you of their reality.

Not the kind of communication we are accustomed to but perfectly understandable once you learn to focus on the coincidental context.  Documenting them as I do enables you to connect the dots over time and find a higher form of intelligence coming into view.

For those who already believe in Jesus Christ, but who find my evidence of the “coincidental context” unbelievable, consider this quote from 2 Corinthians 4:18 in the Bible:  “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

This is where faith and an open mind for learning really helps.

I welcome your comments both positive or negative so we can all learn and grow.  You can comment publicly, using the form below or privately by using my personal email,


John Levay

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