Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

This is the church where I experienced the miracle this website is named-for ( Includes reader reaction )

The original post follows this insert of a Reader’s reaction.

I think it was the original title that caused the misunderstanding for Liby to think I was saying that Jesus is “physically present in human form” rather than what I meant which is that Jesus is present “in spiritual form” in this church … and I am guessing that Liby did not read any of the actual post.

So to prevent the title from causing any further misunderstandings, I changed it …

from “Jesus Christ truly is in Trinity Episcopal Church in Saint Mary’s City, Maryland, USA.”

to “This is the church where I experienced the miracle this website is named-for.”

I want you to understand the reasons why I am writing about one single church in the first place.  The reasons are simple:  (1) I want to show you the church where I witnessed the miracle that named this website (, (2) I had not publicly thanked this church before and I’ve always wanted to give praise to the priests involved, and (3) the date and time of their upcoming fall dinner happens to include the numbers 11 & 12 and since “11,12” is one of “series” that has evolved from the evidence compiling on this site, I felt a bit of a gravitational pull that now might be a good time to give thanks to this church.

The last thing I intended was to upset people in other countries and have them respond “How dare you!”

So, with all this in mind, I now return you to the original post.

Trinity Episcopal Church is located in the United States of America and serves communities in  Southern Maryland.

So why would I feature this church’s local fall dinner on a website that has readers in multiple countries around the world?

The reason is because it was in this church that I witnessed God respond to my most heartfelt prayer by “entering” into this prayer visually while my eyes were closed during the prayer.  This is the miracle that this website is named-for,, and my purpose for this post is to thank and praise the priests who were presiding over the church service in which this happened for me.

Pictured below is Father John Ball, who is the priest that was presiding over the service in which I experienced this vision.

Next is Father John (center) with Father Tony Lewis (left) and Deacon John LeRoy (right).

Father Nathan Beall is pictured here performing a Baptism.

Two-way communications with God can happen for you in your church too, wherever you may live on this beautiful planet, by praying from deep within your heart rather than from just your lips.


Now, here’s what’s on the menu for their Fall dinner this weekend!

  • Stuffed Ham
    Fried Oysters
    Chesapeake Fried Chicken
    Spiced & Steamed Shrimp
    Butter & Parsley Potatoes
    Green Beans
    Lots more!
  • Bake Shop
    Gift Shop
  • Cost:  Adults $28
    Children ages 6 to 12 $12
    Kids 5 and under FREE
  • Cash, Checks & Credit Cards Accepted

Thank you, sincerely.

John Levay

Founder of

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