Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

Happy Birthday Jesus, and Happy New Year to you

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I give much respect for your personal beliefs during this holiday season and start of the new year. As for me, I wish you merry Christmas and a new year filled with happiness, John Levay along with my friend and partner on TYAJesus, pictured below in nativity scenes shown in diverse cultures. Below that is one of the many images you can find representing how Jesus Christ looked as a young man. I found this one searching for “middle eastern Jesus,” since Mary gave birth to him in the middle east, Bethlehem.

That by itself does not prove that Jesus was middle eastern, though. For example, If an African couple moved to China and had a baby, would their baby be Chinese? No. So the same can be true for Jesus. It might be interesting to look at all of the different ways Jesus is portrayed. More to come on that..

Meanwhile, there are two ways you can contribute your thoughts to the upcoming post about the ethnicity of Jesus. Both ways use our ThereYouAreJesus Facebook page:  (1)  comment on this Post titled “Happy Birthday Jesus, and…” or  (2)  comment through Messenger on our Facebook page.

Thanks, enjoy the holidays and keep Jesus in your heart, amen

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