Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

Cold-Weather Animal Safety: Dog, Cats & Pets

W H E N  is it Too COLD for Dogs to be Outside?

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Help your Neighbor remember Their outdoor pets, too.

If you know of Anyone who thinks all dogs belong outside no matter how cold it is, please – provide them with this information.

Help them create and implement a solution for their home that provides a way to properly care for their animals in cold weather.

One example is to install a Pet Door into an exterior door, or wall, to allow access in and out for pets. Perhaps there is a mud room, porch or some other room that is, or could be, closed off from the main interior of the home – which would provide warmth and shelter for man’s best friend.

You can buy Pet Doors online.

Proper Care for our Pets is God’s work we can All do.

Thank you,

John Levay

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ThereYouAreJesus + TYAJesus are one in the same. This website was born from a true visual experience with Jesus Christ in 2013. From 2013 to present (1/22/2020) we have documented → two direct one on one visual encounters with Jesus → almost seventy (70) coincidental communications where their timing and relevance convey messages from loved ones in heaven, including but not limited to God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Many people who see coincidences in their lives, ignore them, because they don't understand them. Yet they notice them. TYAJesus demonstrates how to realize (1) the message conveyed, and (2) who sent the message → and multiple lessons learned from true Life to Death and Back experiences, testified by the people who experienced the afterlife and were then resuscitated back to life here on earth to share their good news. I am one of them, and one of my goals is to pull all of these individual resources together, for the benefit of you, me and all mankind. Open your mind, and get ready to learn some things that will change your life. Sincerely,

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