Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

Heaven sent you to be a messenger of Jesus’ love

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New evidence about God, by way of a recent realization. Posting tonight at 11:12, Wednesday the 11th on ThereYouAreJesus.

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A reader of TYAJesus who lives in the Philippines recently posted on Facebook a message to her son who now lives in heaven. Tomorrow, February 14th (2/14) would have been his birthday. I responded to her post and here is our conversation.

Joan Marie Villavicencio FayponYou would have turned 36 today. A dear heart. My firstborn son. My Valentine baby boy. Still, even until now, you never fail to send us signs of your unseen presence . . . Of God’s love for us . . . Silent messages that bring smiles and warmth to the heart. The family misses you dearly. Sending our love, hugs and kisses. 💋💋💋🙏🙏🙏 Ever grateful for the love of God.

John Levay … Hi Joan, I remember writing the story for TYAJesus on your son’s communications with you back in March of 2018. I especially remember, 2 days after our interview, being handed a random receipt with your son’s birthday written on it, 2/14 ( pictured below, circled in red ).

Here is a link to that March 2018 story……/two-days-later…

I am so honored to have witnessed her son’s communications from heaven, exactly as Joan described in our interview two days prior.

Here is Joan with her family and the son who is now in heaven, pictured on the far right.

God is blessing Joan with the light and love of heaven through our Lord, Jesus Christ, amen.

Hearts are extra special to Joan because her first-born son was born on Valentine’s Day. Here are some hearts directly from God, through nature.

John Levay, – “There you are!”

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