Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

The Prince of Peace

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This is the Prince of Peace

The accuracy of this painting has numerous eyewitness corroborations:

  1. by Colton Burpo who died in surgery, came back to life and tells his story in the book and movie Heaven is for Real, where Colton describes this painting as “That’s Him”
  2. by John Levay of who was murdered by suffocation and then medically resuscitated back to human life as we know it. The time it took to be resuscitated provided enough time to be shown (a) God’s Throne, (b) the Seven Spirits of God’s Holy Spirit, (c) Heaven’s Entrance, and (d) Jesus Christ. Thereby enabling the absolute confirmation that this painting of Jesus Christ is 100% true and accurate.
  3. by Akiane Kramarik whose parents were self-described atheists. Akiane began painting at 4 years of age to show her parents the visions she was having. She painted this portrait of Jesus Christ at 8 years of age and named it The Prince of Peace.
  4. Akiane’s painting has been analyzed and is confirmed to be 80-90% accurate with the Shroud of Turin.
  5. Here is an interview with Akiane from 2014 when she was 18 years old.

As of 2021 Akiane has an extensive art gallery. Some of her paintings are worth over a million dollars, but she offers a fantastic selection that are much more affordable, as well.

On May 24 of 2021, I received an email that Akiane is offering discounts on her paintings as a tribute to Memorial Day. Here is a link to Akiane’s online gallery in case you would like to see her works.

This painting by Akiane Kramarik, is corroborated by Colton Burpo of the book and movie Heaven is for Real, and is the exact same person who appeared for me at the entrance to heaven between my murder and medical resuscitation. With God as my witness, and with my possible future in heaven completely contingent upon the truthfulness of what I am telling you here and now… This, is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is who you too, will come eye to eye with on your day of judgement, amen.

I am honored to share with you this truth about God, to assure those who believe, and to testify for those who don’t.

Sincerely and with God as my witness, I am John Russell Levay.

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