Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

Witnessing God: Two Miracles Compared

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ThereYouAreJesus was recently contacted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the LDS Church and Mormon Church.

So we exchanged information and discovered some interesting things: there are profound similarities in the evolution of these two organizations, starting with a visual miracle for both entities. The Latter-Day Saint Movement was originally founded by Joseph Smith in the 1820’s, and ThereYouAreJesus was founded by John Levay in 2013.

Here is a comparison of Joseph Smith’s origins with Jesus, and John Levay’s origins with Jesus:

  • Both Joseph and John started with a vision from God – two different events in two different centuries: 1820’s & 2013.
  • Both visions happened during personal prayers that were very intense.
  • Both Joseph and John have been ridiculed for making their visions public knowledge.
  • As a result of their visions, both began testifying that God (1) can hear, and (2) does answer our prayers.
  • Both testify that our conscious life exists before, and after, our human life on planet earth.
  • Joseph Smith’s vision happened in the spring of 1820. John Levay’s vision happened on Sunday, 9/29/2013.
  • It has been demonstrated that an understanding of Joseph Smith’s vision dawned only gradually upon the membership of the Mormon Church during his lifetime, with new and important uses for his vision being made after Joseph’s death.
  • I, John Levay, am seeing a similar trend, since my vision. However, knowing that I am simply telling God’s honest truth, I predict that my testimony and the subsequent missions for the Seven Spirits of God will continue to grow long after my death. Similar to what I’ve learned about Joseph Smith’s chronology.

Both Joseph and John have missionary messages resulting from the visions they witnessed.

Joseph’s message is that God and Jesus Christ are not one, but two separate beings – as he saw in a vision of two separate pillars of light that came to him “one at a time,” with both eventually being side by side in front of him. Joseph was in the middle of an intense prayer asking which church he should join when these visions happened.

  • Unlike John’s “silent” vision, the spiritual beings in Joseph’s vision “spoke” to Joseph.
  • Joseph’s prayer happened while he was “crying to the Lord and the Lord heard him cry.”
  • Joseph’s mission became “God and Jesus Christ are separate, as opposed to Trinity Church’s belief that God and Jesus Christ are one.”
    • Important to note – that brief description may not fully describe Trinity’s belief. My limited and humble understanding of Trinity’s belief is that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are “one” and yet “separate.” For example: 1 x 1 x 1 = 1but not 1 + 1 + 1 = 3

One of John Levay’s two missionary messages, comes from a covenant that was formed between God and John on a Sunday morning in church on 9/29/2013 when Jesus Christ interrupted the words of John’s intense prayer with a visual miracle in high-definition color. This colorful vision entered the typical dark vision of closed eyes that we all see while praying. It literally stopped the words of his prayer and caused John to sit in silence and watch until the vision ended.

  • John’s vision happened in 2013 during an “intense prayer” about a new problem with the same person who had murdered him, and then resuscitated him back to life 44 years earlier, in 1969 during 4th grade of elementary school.
  • John’s vision in 2013 did not speak to John the way Joseph Smith’s vision spoke to Joseph.
  • John’s covenant with God was formed when Jesus chose to enter the intense prayer in which John was pledging the rest of his life to Jesus and asking what he can do for him. Jesus spoke no words to John yet his message was clearly conveyed by his actions, when he brought the 7 Spirits of God with him, as he entered John’s prayer visually and in high-definition color.
  • His vision was like a silent motion picture that lasted about :30 to :45 seconds and it was very celebratory in nature.

John Levay’s 2 missions resulting from (1) his vision in 2013, and (2) his death-followed-by-resuscitation in 1969, are as follows:

  • (1) Testify the truth as personally witnessed:
    • about God the Father, God the Son, the Holy Spirit of God, and the 7 Spirits of God.
    • that all of us will regain consciousness “after” the death of our human body, with vision, memory, emotions, and hearing (thought-transference that sounds exactly like words here on earth).
  • (2) Worthily magnify the 7 Spirits of God here on earth in ways that are more closely aligned with their premier importance in heaven, where they have a permanent residence right at the front of God’s Throne.

By the year 2020… which is 7 years after the visual miracle of 2013, and 51 years after his murder and resuscitation in 1969… John regained access to repressed traumatic memories of his childhood death at the hands of his earthly-father, who also resuscitated him back to life on earth using CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). It takes minutes to resuscitate someone who dies but only seconds for the one who died to get to heaven after regaining consciousness following death. The difference between “seconds and minutes” is enough time for John to be shown some of heaven before resuscitation back to life on earth, including:

  • the actual 7 spirits of God, which are Very Large Flames, burning as if fueled by a propane torch, only there is no torch, no visible source of fuel whatsoever. Just the flames, stationary and at the front of God’s Throne, burning eternally.
  • God’s Throne.
  • the Lamb of God with 7 eyes and 7 horns inside the Throne.
  • The sea of glass outside of the Throne.
  • and, Jesus Christ just outside of the entrance to heaven. While John and Jesus were both looking at each other eye to eye with no words (thought transference) being spoken, John was suddenly and abruptly aborted from heaven when his human body was resuscitated back to life on earth. His conscious spiritual body was automatically forced to leave heaven and re-enter his human body on earth.
    • Lesson Learned: Ever wonder what it feels like to re-enter your human body? It feels “similar” (not exact, but similar) to putting on a long sleeve shirt and pants, only you are putting on your actual arms and legs. One difference from the “putting on a shirt” analogy is that you don’t have a choice in the matter, it just happens. You can feel it happening but you can’t stop it, and it happens very fast. In my case, my body was bouncing wildly on the bed because of the violent way in which my killer was resuscitating me. After re-entering my body, I then had to regain control of my arms and legs to stop them from flailing. This is when he knew I was alive again.
    • Both times Jesus Christ appeared for John (1969-Death and 2013-Vision), both times, Jesus appeared with the 7 Spirits of God. These two events make it easy to understand the missionary work Jesus is asking of John, which is to Increase awareness of God’s 7 Spirits: (1) Knowledge, (2) Understanding, (3) Wisdom, (4) Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, (5) Counsel, (6) Might, and (7) Fear of the Lord Jesus Christ.
      • When you look at their current awareness on earth, one place you turn is to the Bible. I was surprised to learn that the 7 Spirits of God are only mentioned 5 times throughout the entire Bible, New and Old Testament combined. They are not even mentioned in the New Testament. So I kind of get the point that Jesus is making.
      • These are the only places in the Bible where you will find the Seven Spirits mentioned:
        • Isaiah 11:2
        • Revelation 1:4
        • Revelation 3:1
        • Revelation 4:5
        • Revelation 5:6

Another point of interest while exchanging information with the Mormon Church, I learned they believe in a premortal existence before we begin our life on earth.

  • I for one am thankful to hear this because a premortal existence is the only way to explain one of my memories. It is a truncated memory, just a short piece of a memory but a persistent one just the same. I remember sitting and waiting in a preparation area with other spiritual beings. Waiting for our soon-to-be-parents to conceive pregnancy so that we can enter the world our parents live in on planet earth.
    • Based on what I learned from my death and resuscitation, which is that successful resuscitation of the human body on earth, requires the consciousness who just left that human body upon death, to immediately leave heaven and return to their human body on earth.
    • Therefore, extrapolating what is known about death and applying it to what is unknown about birth,  suggests that our premortal consciousness must also be summoned immediately from heaven into the mother’s womb, at the moment of conception.
  • Another memory I have is while waiting to be born in the premortal area, I remember being told that the world we are going to (1) is beautiful, and (2) we will have problems, but if we (3) do what Jesus has taught us, we will be fine.
    • Although my premortal memories go no farther back then sitting in the premortal waiting room to be born, advice given in item number (3) “do what Jesus has taught us” implies that we began learning from Jesus Christ at some point before our premortal spiritual body was born into this world on planet earth.
  • And as if that is not enough, I have one more doozy of a memory for you… I also remember being born. It is a short memory but one that is clear and filled with the following details:
    • Transitioning from unborn to born, including (1) just before birth while I was warm, comfortable and still in my mother’s womb, (2) during birth, hearing her scream as I moved through her birth canal and felt the forceful contortions which extended my back in the wrong direction, (3) right after birth in air that seemed cold and uncomfortable, and (4) crying because I was not at all happy with what just happened. But I eventually got over it, as we all do.

The memories fade out from there until some time later, as I grew.

Decades later, I told one of my mom’s best friends, several times, about these birthing memories and every single time she shut down the conversation, as if it simply were not possible. Imagine if I would have told her about my premortal memories of waiting for mom and dad to conceive… she would have flipped!

Joseph Smith’s work is now an important part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

  • Latter-Day (adjective) means Modern or Contemporary, especially when mirroring some person or thing of the past.

John Levay’s work is Modern-Day Evidence of Jesus Christ and the 7 Spirits of God on

  • Modern-Day (adjective) means someone or something of the present is similar to someone or something of the past.

That’s all for now. Special thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

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Thanks for reading, we are truly grateful for your time.

John Levay, Founder of ThereYouAreJesus,

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