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Jesus Christ & All 7 of God’s Holy Spirits

October 30, 2020

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. If you asked a friend to name God’s Seven Spirits, do you think they could? What about explaining how the Seven Spirits are one with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Here is my reason for asking: One of the very first things I was… Read More ›

Surviving our own death by following Jesus

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. It’s not the color of our skin but the love and forgiveness in our heart that is important to God. We all know people who have departed from earth. The good news in all of our sorrow is that our consciousness survives the death of our human… Read More ›

God’s Phenomenal Seven

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Soon you can Shop TYAJesus for designs born from modern day evidence of Jesus Christ, as published on ThereYouAreJesus. Phase one of the store opens in September 2020 with a variety of products. In the meantime, you can see the source of these products, which is… Read More ›

7 Months, 7 Years, 7 Spirits & the Seal of God

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Our most recent post gives you (1) direct evidence bearing witness to the Seven Spirits of God, and (2) direct evidence corroborating what God’s Throne looks like, as well as (3) circumstantial evidence that qualifies for the 11,12 series which is in the category titled Modern… Read More ›

Corroborating the Seven Spirits of God

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Note, the answer to Why Me? is in Lesson 1 of 2 titled Life After Death from an Eyewitness which is located further down in this post. But first, this website was born from a visual encounter with Jesus Christ. The evidence we post on ThereYouAreJesus is… Read More ›

Heaven sent you to be a messenger of Jesus’ love

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. New evidence about God, by way of a recent realization. Posting tonight at 11:12, Wednesday the 11th on ThereYouAreJesus. Returning you now to the following post in its original form. A reader of TYAJesus who lives in the Philippines recently posted on Facebook a message to… Read More ›

Breaking Through to a Key Piece of the Puzzle

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Hi and welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus. There is so much information to get to but for this particular post, I need to explain the taboo subject raised by my rather unbelievable announcement in the most recent post. The information revealed in the post dated 5/31/2019 is shocking… Read More ›

5/31/2019, White Feather ( now Superseded by Major Breakthrough on Another front )

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Today’s evidence of communications between loved ones on earth and in heaven comes from a father and son who established a “sign” before one of them died so the other would know if they are “okay” after their death. Great story and was originally slated as… Read More ›

Modern Day Evidence, Explained in the Bible

I love when the Bible explains things in our lives that are otherwise unexplainable. And this is exactly the kind of evidence I have found for you in today’s post. First some quick background on the situation – ThereYouAreJesus was born from one visual-miracle I watched with my own vision. Which has been followed by… Read More ›

Two Days Later, Guess What Happens

The evidence we published last month (February 2018), was titled Interpreting Divine Communications through Numbers, which features a sequence of coincidences involving the Bible verse “John 3:16.” In response to that evidence, I was contacted by a reader in Quezon City, Philippines who has been collecting her own evidence, for five years now, of two-way communications… Read More ›

Interpreting Divine Communication through Numbers

ThereYouAreJesus is a communications ministry that interprets messages between heaven and earth which are conveyed through the timing and relevance of events and circumstances in our lives that we refer to as coincidences. Learning to understand the language contained within recurring coincidences enables us as human beings to re-establish communications with loved ones who have died… Read More ›

11,12 Series: The Realization

This post contains newly realized evidence.  First a quick recap. I started documenting communications from God on 9/29/2013. Between then and now (8/31/17) I have published about 35 pieces of evidence which are available as individual posts here on this website blog, Throughout this process, I have discovered some amazing realities.  For example, the… Read More ›

“Sending” a Message using Heaven’s Language of Coincidence (“Intentional Coincidence”)

Our faith in Jesus Christ should not require evidence. But believe me when I tell you, our faith becomes a “whole lot stronger” when we have evidence. Here’s the point – It’s okay to “want” evidence.  God is “giving” us evidence, and needs “us” to ”recognize” it. The purpose of is to “show you”… Read More ›

You first have to want it in your heart!

This website,, began publishing on November 12 (11/12/2014) at exactly 11:12 (am) for the purpose of presenting evidence of two-way communications with various loved-ones in heaven, including God. The reason this exact day and time is important is because it gave me a way to respond “in-kind” to all of the coincidences I had… Read More ›

The foundation of language between heaven and earth

The evidence presented in this post clearly fits into what has become known as the “11:12 Series”, a compilation of true stories about individual coincidences that all involve the number sequence “1112.” When 1112 appears (time-11:12, date-11/12, amount-$11.12, etc) “during a coincidence”, I’ve noticed it’s always with the same graceful timing as any comfortable conversation with a friend. Perfect… Read More ›

11/12: The Two Year Anniversary

This website,, was born 2 years ago today, 11/12 (2014), at exactly 11:12 am, for the purpose of presenting evidence of two-way communications with our loved-ones in heaven. The reason this exact day and time were important is because it gave me a way to respond “in-kind” to all of the coincidences I had been receiving… Read More ›

Room 12, Hospital Zone 11 – More Evidence for the 11:12 Series

The information in this post becomes part of the evidence of two-way communications between heaven and earth by way of recurring coincidences.  The evidence in this particular coincidence fits into the 11-12 Series whose name is derived by the numbers 11 and 12 appearing with timing and relevance during each one of the numerous coincidences within the series. Here is what happened:  I was… Read More ›

Incredible realizing two-way communications with loved-ones in heaven

Friday July 1 2016, as I turn on my computer to catch up on the morning news, I notice the clock on the cd player said “1:12”am. Although that clock is always wrong, because I only use it for music, still it works and it said the time was 1:12 am. Here’s why this is… Read More ›

Another 11:12 Coincidence! Seriously? Let’s Analyze:

I’m going to tell you several quick things because they establish the relevance of this brand new crazy coincidence. April 21 2016, my sister and I gathered to begin preparing for an estate sale of our parent’s properties that she and I inherited. To do so, we have to sort through an accumulation of more… Read More ›

11:12 Series – Grace & Timing

Wednesday November 11, 2015 (11/11/15), I thought of someone who had told me about how she has noticed the numbers “1111” frequently appearing in her daily life. She told me this after hearing how the numbers “1112” are frequently appearing in my life.  So on the morning of 11/11/15, I remembered what she had told… Read More ›

11:12 Series – I M 0 1 1 2

It was the day before the one year anniversary of her death. I had gone to the bank, then the grocery store, and as I returned home and my car rolled to a stop, I felt a warm feeling of awareness come over me about tomorrow being the first year anniversary of her birth into heaven.  Completely consumed by… Read More ›

11:12 Series – What it’s about

The 11:12 Series is a compilation of true stories about different coincidences that are all similar to getting a thumbs-up from heaven.  By thumbs-up, I mean a show of support for what I am doing, thinking, or saying at the time of the coincidence.  The reason this series is named 11:12 is because of the… Read More ›

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ThereYouAreJesus™ and TYAJesus™ are two individual websites that are linked to each other. One is a blog and the other is a store. The blog is ThereYouAreJesus and the store is TYAJesus. ThereYouAreJesus was born in September of 2013 and began publishing in November of 2014. TYAJesus opened on the blog's 7th birthday, September 29, 2020. The blog publishes modern-day evidence of Jesus Christ interacting with fellow humans in our lifetime and the store provides products that commemorate the evidence published on the blog. Our store has a lot of catching up to do, because evidence compiling on the blog is vast and varied, including eyewitness testimonies of conscious-life after human-death with vision, memory, emotion and hearing.

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