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Witnessing God: Two Miracles, Compared

June 20, 2022

Language Translation Available – See Top Left Column on Homepage to Select Language. supports all organizations who worthily magnify Jesus Christ. We are not owned by or affiliated with any other organization, except through our commitment to Jesus Christ. As such, we are supportive of all forms of Christianity. ThereYouAreJesus was recently contacted by… Read More ›

Born on this Planet in Human Form

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Jesus Christ is the true Son of God Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen God, the Father. I am in the Father and the Father is in me. The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather,… Read More ›

Right at the Front of God’s Throne

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. September 29, 2021 began the 8th year since the vision of 2013 that caused this website to happen, ThereYouAreJesus. Looking back, there may never be another year like the 7th. For example: The two main questions driving this investigation ever since the vision of 2013 have… Read More ›

The Prince of Peace

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. This is the Prince of Peace The accuracy of this painting has numerous eyewitness corroborations: by Colton Burpo who, during an emergency surgery, had a near-death experience when he visited heaven and interacted with Jesus Christ among others. He survived that surgery by remaining on earth… Read More ›

Jesus Christ & All 7 of God’s Holy Spirits

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. If you asked a friend to name God’s Seven Spirits, do you think they could? What about explaining how the Seven Spirits are one with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Here is my reason for asking: One of the very first things I was… Read More ›

7 Months, 7 Years, 7 Spirits & the Seal of God

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Our most recent post gives you (1) direct evidence bearing witness to the Seven Spirits of God, and (2) direct evidence corroborating what God’s Throne looks like, as well as (3) circumstantial evidence that qualifies for the 11,12 series which is in the category titled Modern… Read More ›

Corroborating the Seven Spirits of God

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. Note, the answer to Why Me? is in Lesson 1 of 2 titled Life After Death from an Eyewitness which is located further down in this post. But first, this website was born from a visual encounter with Jesus Christ. The evidence we post on ThereYouAreJesus is… Read More ›

10/31/2019, a Lesson from Life to Death and Back

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Welcome! One of the reasons I love sharing modern day evidence on ThereYouAreJesus is the opportunity it provides for learning about cultures other than my own. People from 65 countries are reading and responding, as of 10/31/19, to modern day evidence through the Facebook page for… Read More ›

9/29/2019, Sixth Anniversary, New Options Added

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus. Let’s begin with a quick look at some comments from readers in response to our most recent post dated 8/31/19 which featured (1) an eye witness of “vibrant colors with Jesus standing there,” and (2) communications with a reader in Africa who… Read More ›

8/31/2019, Dies 5 Times, Sees Heaven and Lives to Tell

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Coming up in today’s post (1) our featured evidence is an eye witness of “vibrant colors with Jesus standing there,” (2) communications with a reader in Africa who was born Muslim and is now Christian, (3) an update on the readership of TYAJesus from, and… Read More ›

7/31/2019, Reason to Rescue

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. If you missed the two most recent posts on, then you missed a couple of doozies. Since its inception, the driving force of has become multi-faceted (1st) simply trying to maintain composure after seeing Jesus enter my prayer in celebratory fashion on 9/29/2013, (2nd)… Read More ›

Breaking Through to a Key Piece of the Puzzle

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Hi and welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus. There is so much information to get to but for this particular post, I need to explain the taboo subject raised by my rather unbelievable announcement in the most recent post. The information revealed in the post dated 5/31/2019 is shocking… Read More ›

Better than Beautiful – 5th Anniversary of the Miracle/Vision

September 29, 2018 marks the 5th Anniversary of the Miracle/Vision from which this website was named and my passion for eternal life was born. When you are given a glimpse of heaven, how could it not be? Welcome to ThereYouAreJesus, I’m John Levay. Here is an excerpt from the post in which I describe every… Read More ›

Profound Relief by Absolution

Definition of Absolution – Formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. Synonyms include forgiveness, pardoning, and mercy. Example of use “the priest administered absolution of their sins.” The recent summit between North Korea and the United States appears to be a game-changer for the world in our hopes for peace and prosperity for all nations…. Read More ›

Intensity of your Prayers

Before we start, here’s a quick followup on evidence published March 31, 2018 titled Two Days Later, Guess What Happens, which features communications a mother is receiving from her late-son who now lives in heaven. Here is her message to me. Her name is Joan Marie Villavicencio Faypon and her late-son is Gerald Alvin Faypon. What… Read More ›

Want to know what happens to us immediately after we die?

I think you will be surprised. This is a true and fascinating interview with someone who was pronounced dead in a hospital, came back to life 20 minutes later, and remembers everything his spiritual body experienced during those 20 minutes his human body was dead. The information in these videos will help you immensely the… Read More ›

4th Anniversary of the Miracle this website is Named-for

Sunday September 29 2013 God transformed my life from “within-myself,” by interrupting one of the most intense prayers that ever came out of my heart – visually – with the appearance of Jesus Christ. The way Jesus interrupted that prayer was by “entering into” that prayer, visually, in high definition color, while my eyes were closed for the prayer. Yes… Read More ›

11,12 Series: The Realization

This post contains newly realized evidence.  First a quick recap. I started documenting communications from God on 9/29/2013. Between then and now (8/31/17) I have published about 35 pieces of evidence which are available as individual posts here on this website blog, Throughout this process, I have discovered some amazing realities.  For example, the… Read More ›

THERE you are! How God Formed a Covenant with a Human

With God as my witness, every word of this is true. Sunday, September 29, 2013 started as any typical Sunday morning at church. I had no idea I would witness something that would change my life before that service ended. I knew I was very upset about something, but did not realize how personal, and direct,… Read More ›

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ThereYouAreJesus™ and TYAJesus™ are two individual websites that are linked to each other. One is a blog and the other is a store. The blog is ThereYouAreJesus and the store is TYAJesus. ThereYouAreJesus was born in September of 2013 and began publishing in November of 2014. TYAJesus opened on the blog's 7th birthday, September 29, 2020. The blog publishes modern-day evidence of Jesus Christ interacting with fellow humans in our lifetime and the store provides products that commemorate the evidence published on the blog. Our store has a lot of catching up to do, because evidence compiling on the blog is vast and varied, including eyewitness testimonies of conscious-life after human-death with vision, memory, emotion and hearing.

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