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God’s Peace on Earth for Russia + Ukraine

May 6, 2022

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. I see that RUSSIA has made our Top 30 list of countries reading ThereYouAreJesus, coming in at #29 according to Google Analytics, 4/1/2022 – 5/1/2022. Top 30 list is provided at the bottom of this post. I welcome you and would like to dedicate a song… Read More ›

Lifetime Achievement

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. When you see friends receive awards, it warms your heart. Especially, when they are Lifetime Achievement awards. Dave Foxx who you may know from WPGC (DC), B104 (Balt) and Z100 (NY) as well as voice-imaging on radio stations around the world, has just received one of… Read More ›

The Past, Present + Future of America’s Black History

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. ThereYouAreJesus is honored to give you some of the past, present and future of Black History in America. First we begin with a fun little excerpt from the 25th anniversary of Oprah Winfrey’s television show: Jamie Foxx and Stevie Wonder team up for a one-two combo-surprise… Read More ›

9 / 11 – Did Some, Forget?

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. In Honor of True Heroes. This is a transcript of the phone call from passengers onboard the 4th hijacked plane, on the day America was attacked in the homeland … 20 years ago today… September 11th, 2001. Todd: Hello… Operator…listen to me…I can’t speak very loud…. Read More ›

Grants Awarded to Help Victims of Childhood Trauma

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. I am absolutely thrilled to learn of the news in the following press release! Rescuing children from Adverse Childhood Experiences, such as household dysfunction, physical / emotional / verbal / sexual abuse, and violence. This is a wonderful example of what I’ve been calling for on… Read More ›

Show Your Love on Father’s Day

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. For the 99% of father’s who love and cherish their families the way God intends, this day is for you! Because of the other 1%, I remind family and friends, when a child tells you they don’t like being around somebody, pay attention. If you are thankful… Read More ›

Start Watching for Signs from Kobe Bryant and Gianna!

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. If you have prayed to God in response to the recent and tragic loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna → then be aware that you may be receiving signs from them in the form of coincidences. If you see one happening, pay attention to… Read More ›

Breaking Through to a Key Piece of the Puzzle

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Hi and welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus. There is so much information to get to but for this particular post, I need to explain the taboo subject raised by my rather unbelievable announcement in the most recent post. The information revealed in the post dated 5/31/2019 is shocking… Read More ›

5/31/2019, White Feather ( now Superseded by Major Breakthrough on Another front )

Language Translation Available – see Top of Left Column. Today’s evidence of communications between loved ones on earth and in heaven comes from a father and son who established a “sign” before one of them died so the other would know if they are “okay” after their death. Great story and was originally slated as… Read More ›

God is for all of us, amen

Language Translation is available on this site. See Top of Left-Column to Select. Hi, thanks for being here, I’m John Levay. On behalf of my friend and partner Jesus Christ, welcome to our site, Well it certainly has felt like a partnership, anyway. But guess what I found! Corroborating evidence that explains why it feels… Read More ›

Wow, Double Coincidences!!

Hello and welcome to ThereYouAreJesus, I’m John Levay. I have a real good coincidence for you in this post. Actually a double. First, this quick look at how ThereYouAreJesus did in 2018. I ran some reports in Google Analytics ( to see how many countries engaged with TYAJesus between January 1st and December 31st of… Read More ›

Relationship Building with Jesus Christ

I added two new programs to the list of Books, Shows, & Sites  on the homepage here at They are: (1) Fox Nation’s First Look, and (2) God Friended Me. Both of these shows are highly recommended by TYAJesus and links are provided for each. Welcome and thank you for visiting, I’m John Levay. Today is… Read More ›

Overcoming a Handicap by Thinking Differently

Hello and welcome back to ThereYouAreJesus, I’m John Levay. First, this follow-up on the evidence of “bias and censorship of certain religious and political views” that appears to run rampant inside a growing number of social media companies. You may remember this, highlighted in red.. And boy did our Readers Respond – here is a sampling: Joseph from… Read More ›

Cooperation and Respect for Changes (Updated to Include Still-More Censorship)

Definition of Censorship: Counterintelligence achieved by the banning, deletion, or suppression of any information that is of value to an opponent or enemy. Is it legal for a media company like Facebook to (1) accept money to boost/advertise their customer’s post, then (2) not give the post the boosted advertising they are paid to provide,… Read More ›

Modern-Day Evidence compared to Prophecy

Thank God for language translation services!  Enabling us to communicate with people speaking different languages in countries all around the world.  It’s fascinating!  Like this one for example – the following two images are the same question from the same person in two different languages.  His native language (Filipino) and mine (English). Once I understood… Read More ›

The incredible truth that Jesus can and will communicate with you ( 2nd Update – Thank you Fox!! )

Updated information immediately follows the video link below. I am very happy for a Second Update – following the first update – which follows the video link below. Last night I was thinking with an eternal perspective about how everything I publish here on ThereYouAreJesus will affect my soul forever.  This is a daunting consideration to… Read More ›

Just like when she was here on earth

Continuing to document evidence of communications between heaven and earth, and they just keep coming!  The latest happened this past Saturday, June 3, 2017. My sister Ann recently invited me to Louisville, Kentucky this year for Thanksgiving.  It’s been about 2 decades since my last visit there. This past Saturday she followed-up on that invite… Read More ›

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