Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven


When loved ones die, the loss can be overwhelming. There is one silver lining however, and that is found by realizing that “our conscious life survives the death of our human body.”

Eternal life is everlasting consciousness with vision, memory, emotions and hearing. We remain just as alive as we are right now, just with no human body. No more physical pain.

I tell you this from personal experience. I died and was resuscitated back to life on earth with vivid memories of what I saw and heard during my temporary death. It was life in another world but a world with similarities to this life. A continuation of this life we all know.

I have many skeptics and you may be one. If so, I offer you another eye witness testimony of life after death. That links you to a video which contains two related stories.

If you only want to hear the eye witness testimony that corroborates what I am telling you, you can advance the video to begin watching 2:00 minutes into the video. The corroborating testimony is from 2:00-4:48. Of course you are also welcome to watch the entire 4:48 (4 minutes and :48 seconds).

Whether or not you need corroborating evidence to believe me, our ability to reunite with loved ones who die before us is the righteous truth and that provides a measure of comfort for those of us who grieve.


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