Modern-Day Evidence of Two-Way Communications with Loved-Ones in Heaven

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Grants Awarded to Help Victims of Childhood Trauma

Language Translation Available – See Top of Left Column. I am absolutely thrilled to learn of the news in the following press release! Rescuing children from Adverse Childhood Experiences, such as household dysfunction, physical / emotional / verbal / sexual abuse, and violence. This is a wonderful example of what I’ve been calling for on… Read More ›

ThereYouAreJesus ™ + TYAJesus ™

ThereYouAreJesus™ and TYAJesus™ are two individual websites that are linked to each other. One is a blog and the other is a store. The blog is ThereYouAreJesus and the store is TYAJesus. ThereYouAreJesus was born in September of 2013 and began publishing in November of 2014. TYAJesus opened on the blog's 7th birthday, September 29, 2020. The blog publishes modern-day evidence of Jesus Christ interacting with fellow humans in our lifetime and the store provides products that commemorate the evidence published on the blog. Our store has a lot of catching up to do, because evidence compiling on the blog is vast and varied, including eyewitness testimonies of conscious-life after human-death with vision, memory, emotion and hearing.

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